Screenshots taken from The Spellpeople disks

(these have been reduced in size for example purposes only)

Coconut Shy

For many children this will be their last summer as a pre-school child.  You will be eager to make the most of every minute you spend with them without worrying about the big changes they’re going to encounter in the coming months and years.

Playing the Spellpeople games and puzzles will keep little fingers and minds occupied when they’ve run out of energy and need to recharge their batteries - or perhaps when the weather’s not so good - or maybe because they simply enjoy playing the Spellpeople games.

Dan The Ginger Bread Man
Complete the Words

With the vast choice of games on the Spellpeople disks to choose from, your children (and you !) will be kept busy for hours - but your children won’t simply be “playing” - they will be absorbing and familiarising themselves with a computer skills-base that will aid and improve their learning ability prior to joining a school.

One of the first things their teachers will do is to familiarise the children with computers, keyboards, the mouse and printers.  This may sound a step too far and horrify those of us who may have learned with pencils, pen and inkwell, a slate or even a stone tablet and chisel !!  But no, this is the reality of life in the 21st century.

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